Coolant Management Services Limited provides a range of cutting fluids and associated technical equipment

Coolant management Services Ltd. (CMS) have been at the forefront of fluid management for over 25 years.

In partnership with the Production Engineering industry we have developed our concept of modular fluid management.

CMS supply:
- advanced water based cutting fluids
- neat cutting oils
- soluble tapping oils
- machine tool lubricants
- waste removal service
- skin care products

Associated equipment also available includes:
- refractometers
- WRAS approved mixers
- oil skimmers
- coolant filtration units
- heavy duty vacuum cleaners
- fluid conditioners

A complete laboratory service for analysis of coolant samples and technical advice, is available as an integral part of the CMS fluid control system. The CMS concept is based on both direct supply of fluids and equipment or a range of modular management services, from basic control to complete management contracts, thereby offering a true ''Cradle to Grave'' service.

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